+1 Traffic Wave


The +1 feature is an innovation by Google that focuses on sharing
website content and recommendations to social connections
through Gmail or Gtalk chat lists, Google Contacts, Google+ and
other Google platforms that has a social networking capability.

+1 Traffic Wave

It streamlines content and search results to give you the most relevant websites based on recommendations or +1 from your contacts. It can be compared to its predecessor – Google Buzz. Unlike  Google Buzz, however, the +1 feature does not aim to start conversations and discussions about the content, it just simply recommends and encourages users to visit a certain website or webpage.

The +1 feature is akin to Facebook’s “Like” or Digg’s “Digg It”  button. Not only will your Google social connections see your  online activities and favorites, the content will also show how  many people “+1’d” which can help you in sifting through search  results by going with the more popular sites or the sites with most  +1’s.

Google +1 is also a way to show your contacts that you like something that you saw on the internet and that they should go and check it out too. A website, an article, information and even advertisements and Google search results can be +1’d. In order to +1 content, you first need a Google account. As long as your chosen content,  advertisement or website has a +1 button, you’ll be able to recommend and promote it to your Google contacts by clicking on it.



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