It is a widely recognized and acknowledged fact that the
population of most developed Western countries is getting
fatter, and we are not talking about a gradual increase here.
The number of people who are seriously overweight or
clinically obese is exploding all over the Western world.



Just as an example, the statistics page of the ‘Weight-control
Information Network’ quotes data from the National Health
and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) which indicates
that by the end of 2004, around two thirds of adults in the
USA were officially overweight, and nearly one third were
clinically obese. The situation has already deteriorated
significantly since then, so we really do have a global crisis
on our hands.

This explosion is placing a very heavy additional burden on
the already overworked and under resourced health services
in a number of countries.
At the same time, statistics over the past few years would
trongly suggest that the trend for citizens of most
developed countries to get fatter by the day is not likely to
be reversed any time soon without dramatic action.

Consequently, the strain on health services across the world
is also going to increase, which in turn means that the
inevitable breaking point is likely to be reached soon.
This means that if you are seriously overweight or obese,
grabbing your copy of ‘20 Secrets To Dieting Success’ is
important, because this represents a significant step forward
in a couple of very important ways.



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