2012 Financial End Game


The current global financial crisis has its roots embedded in the

collapse of the subprime markets in the United States. As at October

2007 there was an estimated loss on the subprime market of

approximately $250 billion. If you want to come out on top, you have

come to the right place.

2012 Financial End Game

Whilst at that time the subprime collapse seemed catastrophic, the reduction in the subprime market was in essence relatively limited and was a localized event. The effects of the event though did not in fact remain limited and localized.

There has since been an expected cumulative loss of $4,700 billion in world output associated with the crisis. The loss in world output represents a figure that is close to twenty times greater than the loss experienced in the collapsed subprime market.

Though this loss is considerable, the impact on the decrease in stock market capitalization from July 2007 until November 2008 alone was calculated to have been $26,400 billion which was one hundred times greater than the loss on the subprime market in the United States where the crisis actually began.



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