Buyers Generation 2.0


Buyers Generation 2.0

That’s how these email marketers have been able to generate bursts of thousands – even tens of thousands of dollars – in short periods of time… often in just a few hours after blasting a promotion email to their lists!

How would you like to have power like that at your finger tips? (LITERALLY!)

Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s EXACTLY what these guys have been doing for years and years. But you must understand: to achieve phenomenal results like this you must first build a list.

When you build yourself a sizable list of followers who gave you permission to email them, it’s very possible to be seeing sales notifications like this rolling into your Inbox by the time you wake up the next morning.

When I started building my mailing list, I was just like you. I had been told that ‘the money is in the list’ so all I had to do was collect email addresses and I would be rich. I did just that. I would send an email blast to my so-called ‘list’, go to bed and wake up the next morning to (hopefully) hundreds of sales notifications in my Inbox.


So what went wrong? I did what everyone (including the ‘Gurus’) were telling me to do, and I did what everyone else was seeming to do. I was PUZZLED. I was CONFUSED. And after trying so many times… I was FRUSTRATED!

But when I observed other marketers making hundreds of thousands of dollars with relative ease (and from a smaller list I must add), I was burning with envy and frustration.

Agree with me on this: if the money is truly in the list, then almost everyone should be rich. This includes:

People who buy into those ‘guaranteed’ traffic programs (hate to break it to you but there’s NO SUCH thing as ‘guaranteed’ visitors… and even if you do get the clicks you were promised, they never buy anything from you!)

 Suckers who were gullible enough to buy those ‘1,000,000 email addresses for $29.99’ (those email addresses are either old or harvested through spam or BOTH so if you bought those email addresses and start to mail to this ‘list’, you’re actually sending spam because they never gave you permission to email them in the first place!)

 FFAs, Safe Lists, Traffic Exchanges – using ineffective methods like this to build your list usually results in building a freebie seekers list!

  • More responsive. This is why even a small list of pure buyers can beat a sizable list of freeloaders!


  • History of spending. These people have bought at least something online before and you know they have a credit card!


  • Easier to sell more products. It’s EASIER to sell to the same customer vs. finding a new customer and go through the cycle of convincing and persuading! That said,


  • The trust factor is already there. The buyer already knows who you are and trusts enough to send you his money!


  • Better class of people. From my experience, customers (especially high ticket ones) give less problems and support issues. Ironically, the ones who are trying to get hold of your time and consume your energy are those freebie seekers… stay away from them where you can!


  • You don’t need to go for the numbers. With leading autoresponders like Aweber and GetResponse charging you more per month the bigger you grow your list, you don’t have to necessarily build your list into the hundreds of thousands!


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