Common Acne Myths


When it comes to acne, it’s difficult to know what
strategies and methods actually work in regards to
managing or removing acne, especially with so many
misconceptions and ideas being circulated among
discussion groups, communities and even acne support


Common Acne Myths

From dangerous remedies that will cause your acne to
get worse, to following strategies that could cause
permanent scarring, it’s important to understand what
really works, and what doesn’t.

As someone who had suffered from extreme acne for many
years, I compiled all of my personal strategies that
led to my permanently combating acne so that anyone who
is suffering from the same pain and embarrassment can
follow the techniques that I used to conquer my acne
problems, and live a permanent blemish free life.

I also decided to write this short report, addressing
the most common myths in regards to the causes and
factors related to acne.


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