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Obviously, you don’t want to meet your date wearing large suspenders, dirty boots, and oil stains on your face. Your excuse might as well had been “Oh, I decided to roll in the mud before I saw
you”. By dressing well for your date, they will have a better judgment of you.


Dating Digest

Believe it or not but everyone judges someone, usually within the first few seconds of meeting. Anything that seems slightly out of place is easy for a person to pick up. For example, if you meet
someone and you recently took off your class ring, they might think you are married. This is because they see the crease where the ring was. Even the smallest things can set them off and make someone
think negatively of you.

This is why we’ve created a list on what to do and what not to do in the world of dating. Even subtle, innocent moves can indicate what a person is all about. Think of your date as someone who is intuitive, smart, and caring. If they have these qualities like the majority of
people have – they will pick up signs that talk a lot about your habits and how you act around others. If you have a few bad habits that you want to conceal, we’ll teach you how to work around them and highlight a few of your positive traits instead.

You want your date to be impressed and think highly of you. If she or he is impressed, they
will most likely mimic your actions, giving you the best possible date you could have. Just think of it this way – what would you do if your date never respected you during the time you spent with them? For example, they would put their feet up on the table when eating,
interrupt you all the time, and never let you talk. Everything would be about themselves instead. Clearly, you can see you are dealing with someone who is self absorbed and this is a huge sign they aren’t interested in you as a person.


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