Debt Destroyer


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Debt Destroyer

Imagine being free of debt — no more insomniac nights over climbing charge card balances, no more ball-and-chain of debt running your life, and no chance of threats from feared collection agencies. You are able to do it! Here’s the scoop.

Having a good defense or offense are proverbs employed in the world of finance. The meaning is that you either need to be saving more or making more money.

As regards to saving money, there are efficient methods that would also affect your budget positively. Reduce your intake of expensive coffee drinks. Did you know that reducing your intake of expensive coffee can make you $100,000 richer in thirty-five years time?

Oh! How? Well, that is possible if you begin to save the four dollars you invest in café latte each day at Starbucks. If for the sake of necessity you insist on buying a drink, paying for a bottle of juice is cheaper and healthier for you.

Eating out in restaurants during break periods costs a lot. However, if you get the habit of packing your lunch, you would start saving the five to ten dollars you spend.


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