When you record an interview, you can record it as an “audio only” file
(MP3) or as a video (MP4). Both are fairly easy to do, however, audio is
the easiest. It is also the quickest and cheapest. So if you are a
beginner, consider creating an audio podcast show to start with and build
up to a video if you think your listeners would value a video podcast more.


Interviewing people on your own podcast show is a great way to:
– Tap into another person’s huge success by associating yourself with them, to their listeners and yours (sometimes referred to as the “Halo Effect”)
– Give you a chance to network with other people you want to build future business opportunities with
– Advertise your popular interview podcast to build your business leverage and credibility online or offline
– Build other income opportunities (like being invited to give keynote talks) as a result of
your presence created from your interviews
– Be considered a journalist by a lot of people, and therefore capture people’s interests in a
new way

– Receive future job offers because of your breadth of experience and skills exhibited by people simply listening to some of your podcast shows
– Subtly divulge your personality appeal over time
– Collect valuable interview transcripts which can be repurposed into many different information products (now or later on) by you
– Keep copyright of your interviews for you to sell later with the interview podcast show if you decide to do so

People who are new to podcasting should seriously consider starting with audio only interviews. Why?
It’s easier to plan an audio show
It’s easier to prepare
It’s quicker to record
It’s easier to edit
It’s quicker to upload and publish

What will you need to record an audio MP3 media file?
A good microphone (you can get good mics from for under
Computer with Internet connection

Software to record, edit and save as an MP3
A hosting site (hosting starts from $5pm)
An iTunes account (free to set up)
A blog (which most podcasting hosting sites will provide you with for free)
A Feedburner account (which is optional)


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