Laser Targeted List Building


One of the basic fundamentals of doing business is that you must identify your
target niche. That is to say, you must know who you are going to sell your
services/products to. This process of identifying your target niche is called
“laser-targeting prospects”.

Laser Targeted List Building

This also works for Facebook users, Youtube users, and bloggers who are seeking to get more subscribers. They must identify their target niche through laser-targeting.

The purpose: businesses will be able to focus their time and energy where it matters most. They will be able to avoid exerting unnecessary efforts which can be costly and expensive on their part.
Let us take a look at an example: Facebook charges you for advertising your brand. You have the option to either reach fewer people or more people with your advertisement.

If you choose to reach more people, Facebook will charge you a higher fee. So if you are selling women’s clothes for example, it will be unnecessary and very costly to include male Facebook users in your demography of advertisement.


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