Life after heart break


Do not make assumptions. Do not always assume you
already know what will happen next. You think you know
what you really want, or what your partner need the


Life after heart break

You think you know your partner well. You assume you know what to do next, and how your partner will react. What if, you do not actually know it well, which causes all subsequent misunderstandings?

Show love to your partner. Care for your partner at all times. Participate in your partner’s life events, activities, etc. Stay connected with your partner. Give a call or send love messages to your partner at work. Occasionally, you should also give surprises to amuse your partner.

Stay positive. To be in a right relationship, avoid engaging in negative emotions. Do not allow negative feelings to take place, and do not think of the worst for the current situation both of you are facing. Try to be calm to overcome the stress faced in daily routines.

Keep an open heart. After a breakup, you would probably feel hurt and no matter how you are trying to hide it away, it remains deep in your heart. For a new relationship, avoid any reference to the previous one. Do not let the previous relationship haunt you and your new partner. Besides, do not fear falling love again.


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