List Building Domination Blueprint


You casually wake up on a late Friday morning, after plenty of rest. You
needed the rest after seeing your favorite band in concert last night. The
music was phenomenal. The food and drinks at the restaurant beforehand
were incredible. You and your friends had a blast.

List Building Domination Blueprint

Your friends had to get up early for work, but you knew you could sleep in as late as you wanted to. You drink your morning coffee. You check your email. You even catch up with a couple of shows on your DVR. You aren’t stressed. You’re relaxed, and you take a moment to just appreciate the life you’ve created for yourself.

Now, some days you love to get up and work for eight hours straight. You feel great when you put in a hard day’s work, but last night you had already decided that this isn’t one of those days. Today you want to take it easy. You want to have some more fun, yet you still plan on making some money.

You start browsing the latest products on the affiliate site that you
frequently visit. You’re looking for a product that will really help the 20,000.


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