List Building Trifecta


Bread and Butter!” That is what people say who are walking along and an obstacle
comes between them. They release one another‟s hand and walk on either side of the
obstacle, then rejoin hands and say, “Bread and Butter”. It‟s symbolic. Bread and butter
belong together.

List Building Trifecta

Another way the term „Bread and Butter‟ is used is to denote the main substance of an enterprise. “That trick is his „Bread and Butter‟ trick.” This means that it is the backbone of his act and that he depends on it and relies on it regularly to sustain him.

List building is the first, most important and most constant of all the tasks that Internet marketers engage in. Their lists are their bread and butter and their lists and their businesses belong together. Neither can exist without the other.

You won‟t have to wander around the Internet very long before you will find people saying that list building just isn‟t important… and that it isn‟t even necessary. Don‟t you believe one word of that hooey… and that is precisely what it is… hooey!


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