Pinterest for the Internet Marketer


As an Internet marketer, you’re acutely aware of the fact that social media
sites are excellent ways to get your brand the exposure it needs. Although
many social media sites will let you purchase advertisements to be shown
to users as soon as they log on, this isn’t the only thing that makes social
media such a marketing godsend. 

Pinterest for the Internet Marketer

Indeed, the ability to establish a brand presence in the form of a “page” is an excellent way to drive online marketing and create a direct channel of communication between your brand and its customers. From there, your customers become your fans as they add your brand to their own personal profiles and even recommend your brand to their own contacts – creating a sort of digital word-of-mouth phenomenon.

Because you understand the this powerful dynamic, you’ve created a brand presence for yourself online through your website, your blog, your Facebook page, your Google+ page, your Twitter account, your Foursquare location (complete with freebies for “mayors”), your Yelp profile, and your YouTube channel. Did you miss anything?

What about Pinterest? Pinterest has been growing at an insane rate over the last couple of years; last July, Pinterest has served content to more than 23 million unique visitors – up from 20 million unique visitors the month before that. That unique visitor count is more than one full order of magnitude higher than the site’s unique visitor count from September 2011: a year ago, the site saw fewer than two million unique visitors a month.


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