PLR Gangster


PLR Gangster

Product creation is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for newcomers to internet marketing.

I should know – it took me a few months to create my first ebook.

I kept making excuses in my mind like not having enough time or not having enough ideas.

As you can probably imagine, I did not make any money in those few months.

It was only after creating my first product that I realized that…

Product Creation Should Only Take Hours or Days At Most

After I completed that first ebook, I looked at it and thought:

“It took me HOW long to do this?!”

“What the Hell was I doing with all that time?”

and most notably:

“Was it worth it?”

At that point, I’d been involved with Internet marketing for a few months and I had a sizeable collection of digital products with private label rights sitting around on my hard drive. I had not touched most of them and the ones that I did read were not helping me make money online.

I was hit with a revelation.

What if I were to take all this info-crud, jazz it up, and then repackage it as my own?

Well let me tell you…

I’m really glad I didn’t delete all that crap on my hard drive because I discovered…

Enough Content to Create A Bunch of Ebooks in a Bunch of Niches

And what’s more I found I could do it QUICKLY, CHEAPLY and EFFECTIVELY.

I’ll show you how to make UNIQUE products quicker and easier than you’d ever imagine!

It’s actually really simple to repackage PLR products.

All you need to do is:

Improve the existing content and add more as necessary

Ok…maybe I oversimplified it a bit. But that is basically what you need to do to profit from all that dusty old PLR that is sitting around on your computer.

But watch out for…

Mistakes That Will Keep You Poor

If you venture into the world of PLR without any training, then good luck. You’ll waste countless hours of your time and you’ll have crappy products that nobody will want to buy to show for all your effort.

Some people make their living just by buying and selling PLR products. They’ve got this down to a science and if you don’t know these secrets, then you won’t make money with PLR.

Have you ever bought a PLR product which promised riches on the salesletter but then found the product to be garbage about buying it?

The crappier a PLR product is, the lengthier a process it’ll be to revamp it.

And that’s not all – it’s not just about the content.

There are common mistakes that inexperienced PLR marketers make that will cost you a lot of money.

Make these mistakes and your PLR products will not be any different than the cr8p that is already on your hard drive.

In fact it could end up worse, even when you’ve spent hours trying to get it together!

This is an important section of the ebook where I basically tell you what not to do when trying to make money with PLR.

The 7 Deadly Sins Of PLR

When you think of PLR, you think “articles” or “dusty old ebooks” right?

Well there are many ways to profit from and use PLR. All of these ways take very little effort too!

That’s the great thing about PLR – you’ve already got a framework to work with. All you need to do is make it better.

Imagine if you could take a bunch of ebooks which were lying around your computer, fix ‘em up a bit, and then come out the other side with a unique and high quality product that you could easily sell for $97 for example!

And it’s not just about selling stuff either…you can basically use PLR wherever you need content.

You’ll learn about the different ways to use PLR and more inside.

Introducing “PLR Gangster”!

How much is your time worth?

Are you willing to keep spinning your wheels and hoping for your next PLR product to sell?

How long does it take you to create products right now (if you even have any)?

For just $9.99, you’ll get instant access to my powerful PLR strategies which will allow you to create an online empire.

Go ahead – download the guide and read it. If at any time during the next 60 days you don’t feel like it delivered the goods, then I don’t want your money.

Just get in touch with me from a prompt refund – no hard feelings.


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