Pumping Out Your First Email List


Without A Mailing List You’re An Online Disaster!

They Will Never Get That Credit Card Out to Buy!

Don’t waste time with trendy theories about the “new” SEO and Web 2.0!

Pumping Out Your First Email List

Get back to basics and create your own double opt-in mailing list and do it in less than one month!

Increase Conversions, Sales and Affiliate Income Using Tried and True Email Marketing Methods!


Read How In My New EBook!

Pumping Out Your First Email List

These email strategies put your message right in front of the nose of your customers that WANT to hear from you and increase your chances of making a first or second sale!

Learn how to grab their attention without being obnoxious! They will offer you their email address on a silver platter!

Make maximum profits from every single customer who visits your website even just once!

Not that these are not great ways to attract customers or conversions to your site but you need to realize that things like SEO or Google Ads should augment the efforts you are putting into your email list.

The secret to getting thousands of free buying or converting visitors to your website each month actually has more to do with building a great list than it does any other single thing you might have been taught as a beginning email marketer.

Although automated URL and article submitters, meta-tags, keyword optimized paragraphs and Google Adwords campaigns can help drive traffic to your website there is practically nothing more effective than a well conceived, cleverly targeted email list for getting website traffic.

What good is having a crowd on your website without the payoff of having those people pull out their credit card and actually buy something from you?

You need those visits to convert to a membership, subscribe or buy what you are selling or else you are simply wasting your time and money.

If the above scenarios apply to you then you need to stop everything that you are doing right now and take a few minutes to keep on reading this letter …

You may have been trying these techniques again and again and then sitting there waiting for them to work and but they never do …

Does the following apply to you?

  • You get a wonderful idea for an online business that could not fail to succeed!

  • You spend hours and hours doing market research on your business to attract the right targeted customers!

  • You spend a lot of time developing a web site you are certain will reel the traffic in …

And then…

You wait and you wait and you wait …

And no customers show up, no revenue comes in and you have spent a lot of time, effort and cash on nothing!

You then stop working on the site and let it sit like an abandoned spaceship in cyberspace fully convinced that the world was not ready for your great idea when the reality is …

All you really had to do was build an effective opt-in email list and you could have had more business than you could handle!

Does this situation sound familiar?

Now more than ever online business success relies completely on traffic. It is the fuel that keeps any type of online enterprise running and it is what keeps you alive!

This is why I wrote this eBook. It is my objective to show you how to build your first mailing list and to construct it in the most profitable way.

This is not some hypothetical, trendy marketing book written by some self-created mythological guru trying to pawn off information you can find anywhere on the Internet as new and unique!

Although it is certainly true that the nature of email marketing has changed in the past year or two it is not at all a method of marketing that you should ignore.

In fact, so many online business people have been dismissing email marketing as a method of promotion that the time is better than ever to adopt it as a marketing technique in order to undermine your competition that is busy fussing around with web 2.0, White Hat SEO and all sorts of distracting stuff.

I put this book together partly out of a need to be help beginners understand how easy it is to get targeted traffic using an email list. It is straightforward, simple and above all TRUE!

Pumping Out Your First Email List is also a good reference guide for more advanced marketers because as I wrote it, I realized I was culling the methods that don’t work for me anymore from its pages.

This is important because shortcuts to success in internet marketing are a dime a dozen. Why devote all of your time to a strategy that may or may not work when the advice in Pumping Out Your First Email List prevents you from making terrible newbie mistakes in the first place!

The thing I find is that most beginners in the business forget that their own time and effort equals money. The beginner always has some kind of plan NOT to pay him or herself. This is a lose-lose mentality, not a prosperous one.

If you use the strategies in Pumping Out Your First Email List you will do fantastically well in the paycheck department. You will get that business you need within a month or two and it will show up in your accumulated revenues too!

However when you use shortcuts to success that are based on wishful thinking somehow or on part measure then you will simply not be as successful!



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