Social Bookmarking Secrets


Social bookmarking as its title depicts is very much the method
internet users organize, store, manage, and search for resources

Social Bookmarking Secrets

There are instances where these bookmarks are done in the form of metadata, which allows the user so have some idea of the content of the page without actually having the whole information presented or downloaded.

This of course if very beneficial in terms of time saving, and can also be used as keywords to share the data with others. The social bookmarking system allows users to save links to web pages with the intention of sharing the information within the confines of a specified group inside the network.

It also allows for a combination of public and private domains to be tagged to the bookmark for further discussions or reference. These can then be viewed as bookmarks done in chronological, categorical or via the search engines.
The social bookmarking service also includes information about the other users who may have the same interest who have also used the same site to be bookmarked.


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